As a young fella, I would pore over the black and white photos found in my parents’ encyclopedias, having Indiana Jones-esque visions of being in them. On family vacations, I watched my dad feverishly take pictures, examine the negatives once home, and ultimately have many “blown up” to live the remainder of their lives on the walls of our house. At one point there were over 300 framed 8x10’s in our living room. Just the living room.

Soon, Back to the Future, MTV, skateboarding and the pages of Thrasher Magazine became all-consuming to me. Then, snowboarding and its neon-laced aesthetic caught my attention and eventually lit a fire of inspiration. That fire would have gasoline poured on it once I picked up a camera and found the photojournalism department at the University of Montana. I was in heaven photographing everything from protests to football games, the Black Panthers’ Eldridge Cleaver to a janitor whose son died and became the subject of an HBO documentary in the process. After that, photographing snowboarding on the snowy mountains of Oregon, Washington and Montana called my name. 

I am driven by these formative experiences of my past, and the crazy amounts of fun, creativity, inspiration and humor that have transpired since, and will continue tomorrow. The rush of my next creative shoot fires me up. The chance to see life through the lens fires me up. The opportunity to laugh and have fun fires me up. The opportunity to work with you on your next commercial, editorial or creative personal project fires me up.

Born and raised in Missoula, Montana. Proud to still call it home.
Live with my wife, daughter and a cat named Rocketpants, who I can’t stand. But my daughter enjoys, so I stay quiet.
Founding member of the Montana Skatepark Association.
Lead photographer for VidCon US since 2015.