Seeing as how a grip of people in Missoula, and soon-to-be-heading-to-Missoula, are on the doorstep of the last Total Fest ... forever ... I felt the need to post a few images from TF's gone by. No, these aren't the super cool images of the first ever TF many would love to see, or an exhaustive archive of all things TF, nor is it a greatest hits post of your favorite band. Rather it's merely a way for me to share a few more images of some of the more recent TF's I have photographed leading up to this weekend when many stories are relived, old friends reunited, and the doors get blown off the hinges one last time. It's also my way to show my appreciation to everyone involved with making TF exist in the world. It may  be ending, but it's not ending.

I am sure many echo my words and sentiments when I say that Total fest will be sorely missed. Not simply for the new music many were exposed to over the course of 14 years, but for all the fun, could-never-be-scripted moments that were a result of Total Fest existing in the first place. My hat goes off to the organizers and throngs of volunteers it took to pull off this Fest every year. For 14 years, hundreds of people got to enjoy three nights of rock because a handful of people worked their asses off for a long time. 

Here's a few from Total Fest 2012. No particular order. No particular reason I chose these.