On the (many) flights we took to get to Peru, I kept stealing glances out the window and had to pinch myself every time. Just couldn't believe I was heading to Peru. Out loud, several times I leaned over to Erin and exclaimed, "we're the luckiest damn people in the world." Having neglected the travel bug too much in recent years, the importance and awesomeness of the experience was definitely not lost on me. However, now that I am home I am enjoying one of the best parts of any trip:  being home.  So, as I begin the process of image editing, I thought it would be fitting to kick things off with a little tribute to all of it's "cheep," muscular glory.


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As I mentioned in a previous post here, I am working towards my first gallery show in August. I have been shooting for, and working on this project quite a bit lately. Primarily, this means I have been spending a lot of time at the skatepark with camera in hand. I know, rough stuff huh?  It's fun to see it come together, bit by bit by bit. I already feel like I owe a ton of thanks to everyone who has agreed to have their photo taken. I certainly appreciate it.

more later.