Seeing how this post is going up on January 30 and it's about 25 degrees and snowing outside, I can't help but get a little nostalgic for last summer when I created these images for the Montana Council of Boy Scouts. The assignment was to create a body of work of scouting images to be used in the BSA's marketing materials. The location? That would be Melita Island on Flathead Lake in Montana. Spending a few days on an island, in a very impressive rock and timber lodge, in July in Montana with amazing images unfolding everywhere I looked was a great experience. Now that the images are out in the world, I can share a few here. The first printed piece I have seen with my images is the MT BSA 2013 calendar. (Needless to say, it is verrrrry different from the other calendar I produced in 2013.) It was designed by Eubank Creative. Overall the print quality and design are fantastic. It really hits me when my images end up in the hands of creative, capable designers and reminds me how much they can jump off a page when treated right. I am definitely looking forward to ongoing projects with the MT BSA after this one.

Another product that came out of the assignment was a promo video which features the Melita Island Camp and the K-M Camp near Lewistown, MT. Shooting video is definitely brand new to me, but is quickly becoming an important piece of the puzzle. I was very fortunate to have a good team to help me on this one, specifically Lou Ghaddar, who handled the editing. Check out the video on Vimeo here.



I feel like I have been playing a proverbial game of wack-a-mole lately in life. You know that game where a mole pops up and you smack it down? Well it's like that, but instead of moles, it's opened projects and unfinished business I have been trying to manage. It's necessary to start something before the other thing is put to rest I suppose, but at times it can seem like a circus with many, many loose ends. However, in the middle of these "projects," I found myself in Seattle for a few days and have to say that the change of pace and scenery, and quite frankly the change in the smell of the air did me a ton of good. The highlights of this trip for me include:

• Going to my first-ever baseball game. (I know, i know....i've just never been a baseball fan). • Staying at the Ace Hotel. Surprisingly, not as great as I imagined. (And come on Ace, a hook near the shower for a guy's towel isn't too much to ask for is it?) • Being in the Pacific NW on 4 consecutive, sunny, warm days. (Damn right we're going to the top of the Space Needle to look around!) • Walking around with no purpose (which was my purpose) taking photos of everything I could.

Here are a few pics from the Emerald City.