It totally came, totally kicked some arse, and is now totally in the books. Talkin' about Total Fest of course. And in case you're unaware, Total Fest is a Missoula-based rock fest geared toward lesser known, independent bands. Another way to say it is that TF is a living, breathing, performing laboratory in which scientists study how humans interact when subjected to three days of noise, youth covered in jean shorts and tank tops, former youth who speak of the "good ol days," while being subjected to a lot of other people's body odor. Funny thing is, the whole shebang is damn enjoyable. This was the fourth consecutive year I have photographed the fest. Each year has its own unique vibe, and this year was no different. Hard to describe, but I liked it. I liked that the first band I photographed was more or less a country band. A little bit later, it was a surf rock band. Enjoyed a dose of stoner rock. And to cap things off, some face-melting hard rawk. (it's spelled like that to emphasize how rocky the rock really was. got it?)

The weekend was also a great time to hang out and float with some good friends who were in town, float a river, drink a few beers and recreate scenes from "What About Bob." It's how all good weekends go, right?

Here's some photos:


I entered an image from Total Fest VIII in a photo contest sponsored by Billboard and PDN. As of last glance, there were about 1,439 images entered so far. In the Fan's Favorites section, mine was sittin pretty with only 28 images receiving more votes. (Of course, the first place photo has about 440 votes, but...).  The contest ends today, and the winners will be announced in October sometime. I am not usually one to enter photo contests, but this one caught my eye shortly after shooting TotalFest this year, and I really like the image - so what the hell - why not? The image is of Donny Fite, lead singer for the Leaders from Portland, OR.

A screen shot of my image amongst a sea of other images is below. By the way, thanks to everyone who voted for my image.  Your check is in the mail.

If you want to check out all of the other shots in the contest, click here.