Bitterroot Valley

Aerial Silk in the Bitterroots

Realizing today that after this shoot, I posted a gallery of images to the Andrew Kemmis Photography Facebook page, but didn't post the images on my blog. So, for the sake of being thorough, I am gettin' them posted here as well. The amazing athlete seen in these photos is Bethany Stanbery. Behind the scenes, it was made possible by Levi Parchen, whose climbing and rigging abilities brought everything together. This shoot was rescheduled, postponed, planned and replanned several times over. The original idea was to shoot this idea two months earlier in a completely different location. In the end, it was worth all the logistic juggling as several images from this shoot are amongst my favorite from 2011.

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Pretty stoked to share this today.  I just received a package in the mail from a buddy in Bozeman who has been working with the Gallatin Valley Skatepark Association (GVSA) for a while.  The GVSA is the organization trying to get a bigger, better, awesomer skatepark built in Bozeman. One of their fundraising efforts was has been to produce a 2011 calendar full of shots of (mostly) local skaters, bikers, shredders, skiers, etc. taken by (mostly) local photographers.  I was excited when Brian Koenig asked if I wanted to be involved, and I am even more excited to see the finished result. The GVSA used my shot of Kurt Scott riding the Montana sign in the Bitterroot Valley for September. I am proud to be amongst such other great photogs like Dan Armstrong, Derik Olsen, Reid Morth to name a few. I am perhaps even more proud to now be able to call Kurt by his rightful title...Mr. September.