Bad Naked


A photo I took on the opening night of Total Fest X made it into the Missoula Independent this week. It's a shot of Dane Hansen, aka Bad Naked, making a huge mess of the Top Hat's floor and himself. The text beneath the photo is a Pro/Con type discussion about Bad Naked's "art." Near the beginning of his performance (or rather ... "performance")  he tore into the paper mache whale he had on stage. I think ballons and candy were involved. Then, out came the fruit. Yep, wet, messy, sticky, gross, doesn't-belong-in-a-bar fruit. Some revelers were giddy with smiles thinking how cool it was. Others, like the people that work really, really hard to organize the event and the volunteers that had to clean up after him weren't so smily.

Personally, I thought the spectacle was barely more than that ... a spectacle, and I'm really glad my camera didn't get banana'd. Also, the music sucked.


Seeing as how I'm heading into the third night of shooting Total Fest X, i figured it was past time to start throwing some photos up on the blog. Better late than never, right? Here's a few from Thursday night (the first night) at the Top Hat. I'll be posting more images of all the sweat, hair, beer and energy that makes TF so awesome year after year..... just as soon as i get done floating the river.