I’ve been to Missoula’s PEAS farm many, many times: Harvest parties, my daughter’s kindergarten class field trip, to film a spot for the Boy Scouts of Montana, to photograph a subject for a stock shoot, to tag along on a photo workshop. Every single time I’ve been there, it has a pretty great effect on me. I always revel in how unbelievably pretty the farm is, how nice the people are, how insanely great the carrots taste, how the overall mission is just so obviously easy to get behind. I mean, chances are I’m not going to run out to buy overalls and grow a huge beard tomorrow, but hawt damn if it’s not easy to see that way of life take shape while straddling a row of kale gazing off into the Rattlesnake wilderness.

I recently had the opportunity to revisit the farm to photograph an assignment for the University of Montana Relations department. What could have been a fairly quick, in-and-out assignment got stretched into a 3+ hour experience, simply because I wanted it to. I was there to capture the farm, photograph the new co-directors Caroline Stephens and Dave Victor, and see UM students in action. All of that happened, as did some cloud-staring, beet-eating, dog-petting, and field-walking.

20190617_PEASfarm_5992 copy.jpg