Pearl Jam played Missoula’s Washington-Grizzly Stadium on August 13, 2018. It’s an understatement to say that it was a big night. But then again, every time PJ plays a show it’s a big night. Having the opportunity to photograph a band of PJ’s magnitude, and one that definitely played a part of my upbringing was a pretty cool experience to say the least. The 17 year-old version of me was/is stoked! Shit, the 77 year old version of me is stoked!

As usual, I was only allowed to shoot the first three songs from the photo pit, and was with about 10 other photographers. And being on the ground in a stadium with 25K people at your back, it was hard to capture an image that showed the experience, especially when my vantage point was pretty limited (they didn't allow a lot of movement in the pit). That being said, I am proud of the images I got. Here's a few: