For 10 years now The Montana Skatepark Association has held its annual skateboard art auction, called ON DECK, to raise funds to help Montana communities build concrete skateparks. Myself, along with a couple of friends, started the MSA in order to get a park built in Missoula. We accomplished that goal, and since have helped in some way or another in towns including St. Ignatius, Helena, Glendive, and are currently working with Stevensville.

I have had the pleasure of photographing the custom built works of art since the inception of ON DECK. Photographing between 30 and 50 decks is a chunk of work, and presents 30 - 50 unique challenges, but all in all it is always a terrific experience. ON DECK 10, which went down on May 1 was a huge success - we raised over $20,000 for skateboarding. Damn!

To see the decks included in this year's auction, check out montanaskatepark.org/ondeck