Over the weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Missoula artist Larkin Matoon with the custom skateboard he created for ON DECK 11, which is an annual skate art auction put on by the Montana Skatepark Association.  All funds from the auction go toward building skateparks around our great state. Larkin has been in the show several times , and each piece he has created has been an absolute showstopper. 

So many times on a shoot, I end up either neglecting my settings, compositional goals, and ideas because I get so involved in a conversation with my subject – or vice versa – I forget to interact with them because I am only thinking of my camera.

Larkin spoiled me.

He was so calm and relaxed about the whole situation, and was so very easy to carry on a conversation with that I never felt too rushed or that it mattered if I stopped shooting to chat. Or, as was the case more often, he never minded that I cut him off mid-sentence to tell him to hold a pose or to redo a look for me. The result of being so comfortable on the shoot was some images that I am genuinely excited about. 

Thanks Larkin for your contribution to ON DECK and for being so damn pleasant.