Anyone with a fraction of a pulse and who pays at least 1% attention to the happenings around Missoula, MT are no doubt familiar with the name Courtney Blazon. Courtney, with her instantly recognizable style, has had her work involved with many, many, many local and national events, publications, companies and private commissions. I love her work and think beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is deserving of all the success she earns.

Also ... she's a god damn delight to be around. During our shoot, which featured her skateboard for the ON DECK 11 art auction, there were times I didn't want to end the conversation by picking up the camera. She is so easy to interact with – and whether talking about her passion (obsession?) with blowing bubbles, love of shoes, her work habits, or a random dog rolling on a dead mouse – there was rarely a minute without a smile on either one of our faces. The weather (wind, rain, sun, clouds) was a factor on this shoot, as was a mine field of dog poop, but I loved every second of it. Thanks for being you Courtney!