Back when I was a carefree runt with one skateboard and even fewer responsibilities, there were a number of "enclaves of debauchery" scattered around Missoula at which I would occasionally end up. For a while my own apartment was one of them. Another was simply called 418. One lease. Many people. Tons of fun. Among the fun-lovers at 418, was a guy named Chad Dundas. Being about the same age, and growing in Missoula, I had known Chad and his brother Zach Dundas for years. Both Chad and Zach were nice fellas who were known for playing in rock bands around town, and their ability to write. To my knowledge, both wrote for the Hellgate High School newspaper, and went on to Journalism school at the University of Montana.

The fact that we have some shared history makes it even cooler that my photo of Chad now graces the back cover of his first novel, Champion of the World, which will be published by G.P. Putnam & Sons on July 12, 2016. Some advanced copies made their way to town recently, and I got to hold it in my hands. I'm incredibly stoked for Chad's accomplishment, and honored to have my photo of him as part of the book.

photo via iPhone