24th Annual Banked Slalom

After my joystick-winning Friday evening, it was time to head to Snowbowl for the 24th annual Banked Slalom. It took every ounce of energy I had to get up there on Saturday to help dig the course, but it's tradition. And I guess you aren't suppose to mess with tradition...or so they say. Spent several hours in the cold and wind forming up the banks and berms in a new course location and by the end of the day was pretty zapped. Sunday, on the other hand was blue sky and damn warm. Perfect day for a gang of shredders to show up and have some good healthy fun running a course that was probably one of the funnest in recent memory. Thanks to Edge of the World for throwing the event and making it the blast it is year after year. And thank you to my back, which somehow didn't break after all that shoveling. Here's a few pics.

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I am pretty stoked to be able to share this post today. Several of my images were published in (and on the cover of!) the December 2011 issue of Corridor Magazine, an Arts & Culture publication that covers Western Montana. The photos were used to illustrate a story on Snowbowl Ski Area turning 50 years old this year. While I am very happy with how the images look - and how BIG they ran - I am especially pleased with how the cover came out. This particular drop and the chute below it are roped off during the regular season, and thus only available (legally) after the mountain has closed ... if there is enough snow. It's great to see that this unique image caught the eye of the art director at Corridor. With a new winter upon us the timing of this article couldn't have been better, as i am now extra fired up to get out and experience more days like this one.

Many thanks to the fellas for allowing me to shoot these photos when the powder was calling our names. Ross Peterson (cover and inset on first spread), Chris Bacon (first spread-left side), and Kurt Scott (B&W full spread).



I picked up the Winter 2011 issue of Montana Headwall recently and was happy to see that one of my images was published in the Head Shots section. The shot was taken on one of the best days on snow last season (for me anyway). Here's a link to the images I posted after that great spring day. By the way, the snowboarder is Ross case you were wondering. Although I was pleased to see my image in print, I was surprised to see the crop it received. For me, what makes this image unique is the rarely-seen view of hazy Missoula in the background. Here is a comparison of the original image and the way it appeared in the magazine (with a bit of my desk too!).

What do you think?


I'd all but written it off. Gave up. Told myself I missed the window to add another notch to my Lolo Peak belt. I had been trying for a few weeks to rally the troops to make a summit push, but it just wasn't happening. The reasons were all legit (illness, out-of-town, work schedule, hungover), but that didn't make it an easier pill to swallow. I eventually gave up on the idea and admitted to myself that I was going to have to wait another year to conquer the beast. Considering that I am about to embark on The Epic Adventure (more on that in later posts), and need time to wrap my mind around it, I figured Lolo couldn't happen this late in the season. Then, last Friday night, I heard it was on. A Saturday walk in the hills was planned. After a moment of taking stock of where I was in regards to The Epic Adventure, I decided I could do it. In fact, NEEDED to do it. At the 4-mile mark, there is a nice place to take a seat and have some lunch. When we got here, the weather was looking rather fugly. Clouds, wind, and almost certain rain or snow heading our direction. But there was also a chance it would miss the peak entirely. After a few minutes of cell phone checking, joke making and attempts at future reading, we bucked up and went for it. Of course, we wound up getting rained, snowed and hailed on, but the summit was conquered. At the top, visibility was pretty crummy, although one could see the distant lightning  and hear the thunder crystal clear. Terrific.

All in all, it was a good decision to go for it as Greg had never been to the top and Kurt had a beard to set free.  And the beers at the car taste so much better when drank in celebration than defeat.