I love those moments when you know - without hesitation - that there is no place else you would rather be and nothing else you would rather be doing. This is how Saturday was for me. Spent the day at the Treasure Bowl skating, shooting photos, connecting with old and new friends, and watching some rather notable visitors tear it up. Lance Mountain, Jeff Grosso, Steve Olson, Duane Peters, Arto Saari and a host of others were here to mark the 10th anniversary of the bowl ... and maybe party a little. Here's some photos:

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Had a pretty darn nice article in the Missoulian newspaper yesterday. It mainly centered around the park turning 5 years old, but was photo-heavy...with my images...which I love. I was quoted in the article several times, but perhaps the best part was the sentence that starts out, "Kemmis is no spring chicken...."  Gotta love that!

The printed version is more impressive as the images ran large, but here are a couple of screen grabs from the which get the point across.


After our skatepark opened in September of 2006, many people in town were ridin' the high that came with it. I definitely had the fever. So did Dave Beaton, the owner of a local chain of taco and burrito restaurants called Tace Del Sol. Around that same time, Dave was opening a new location and wanted to showcase some photos from opening day. He tapped the shoulder of my friend and esteemed colleague, Page Orb Pedde to make it happen. And Page called me for some photos. In light of my upcoming show, which celebrates the 5th birthday of our skatepark, i thought i'd post a few shots of the photos that are still hanging in Dave's burrito joint.


Spent a few hours last night assembling some photos for the upcoming show. With some much needed help from my sis, we made a huge dent in getting things pulled together. It's fun and  interesting - and overwhelming - to see the finished photos starting to stack up. This is my first attempt at having a show, and I certainly think I dove in head first. While I am having all sorts of thoughts that range from "Why the *&%$ am I doing this?" to "I'm not good enough" to "This is gonna be awesome," I am getting a lot out of the process. From a photography standpoint, it will be good to have gone through the experience - from thinking of the idea, to shooting the images over the course of three years, to showing them off.  From the skatepark standpoint, if the show adds another voice to the overall conversation of skateboarding in Montana, i'll be a happy camper.

So really, once they are all hanging in the gallery I think it will be a success.

More 5

As I mentioned in a previous post here, I am working towards my first gallery show in August. I have been shooting for, and working on this project quite a bit lately. Primarily, this means I have been spending a lot of time at the skatepark with camera in hand. I know, rough stuff huh?  It's fun to see it come together, bit by bit by bit. I already feel like I owe a ton of thanks to everyone who has agreed to have their photo taken. I certainly appreciate it.

more later.


Pretty stoked to share this today.  I just received a package in the mail from a buddy in Bozeman who has been working with the Gallatin Valley Skatepark Association (GVSA) for a while.  The GVSA is the organization trying to get a bigger, better, awesomer skatepark built in Bozeman. One of their fundraising efforts was has been to produce a 2011 calendar full of shots of (mostly) local skaters, bikers, shredders, skiers, etc. taken by (mostly) local photographers.  I was excited when Brian Koenig asked if I wanted to be involved, and I am even more excited to see the finished result. The GVSA used my shot of Kurt Scott riding the Montana sign in the Bitterroot Valley for September. I am proud to be amongst such other great photogs like Dan Armstrong, Derik Olsen, Reid Morth to name a few. I am perhaps even more proud to now be able to call Kurt by his rightful title...Mr. September.


Last year about this time, I struck up a little photo project centered around a nonprofit organization I helped create and am still heavily involved with - The Montana Skatepark Association (MSA). Way back in the day (meaning like 8 or 10 years ago) a few friends and I sat down with the Missoula Parks and Rec folks to talk about how to go about building a public skatepark in Missoula. Eventually, it happened and on opening day in September 2006 the park was ushered in with a visit from Tony Hawk and about 10,000 fans. 'Twas quite the sight. Lot of heavy liftin' to get to that stage, but an invaluable experience for me. Learned a lot about process, working with people, sacrificing this for that, and a whole bunch about the DIY spirit. Definitely a momentous period in my life.

One of the primary fundraisers we concocted for the MSA is an art auction we call ON DECK. On May 7, 2010 at the Badlander in Missoula, ON DECK will turn 5 years old. That means that another crop of talented artists from around the country will have donated their time and talent to help us raise money to further skateboarding in MT. I started photographing these artists a couple years ago and am enjoying it thoroughly. So far this year, I have only snuck in one shoot with local artist Courtney Blazon. Her work has a very unique, almost dreamlike style to it. And, she couldn't be a nicer person to hang out with and photograph. Here are a couple of images from a shoot I had with her and the deck she created for ON DECK 5. I encourage you to check out her work and bid on this deck during the ON DECK auction.

Courtney Blazon