I feel like I have been playing a proverbial game of wack-a-mole lately in life. You know that game where a mole pops up and you smack it down? Well it's like that, but instead of moles, it's opened projects and unfinished business I have been trying to manage. It's necessary to start something before the other thing is put to rest I suppose, but at times it can seem like a circus with many, many loose ends. However, in the middle of these "projects," I found myself in Seattle for a few days and have to say that the change of pace and scenery, and quite frankly the change in the smell of the air did me a ton of good. The highlights of this trip for me include:

• Going to my first-ever baseball game. (I know, i know....i've just never been a baseball fan). • Staying at the Ace Hotel. Surprisingly, not as great as I imagined. (And come on Ace, a hook near the shower for a guy's towel isn't too much to ask for is it?) • Being in the Pacific NW on 4 consecutive, sunny, warm days. (Damn right we're going to the top of the Space Needle to look around!) • Walking around with no purpose (which was my purpose) taking photos of everything I could.

Here are a few pics from the Emerald City.