24th Annual Banked Slalom

After my joystick-winning Friday evening, it was time to head to Snowbowl for the 24th annual Banked Slalom. It took every ounce of energy I had to get up there on Saturday to help dig the course, but it's tradition. And I guess you aren't suppose to mess with tradition...or so they say. Spent several hours in the cold and wind forming up the banks and berms in a new course location and by the end of the day was pretty zapped. Sunday, on the other hand was blue sky and damn warm. Perfect day for a gang of shredders to show up and have some good healthy fun running a course that was probably one of the funnest in recent memory. Thanks to Edge of the World for throwing the event and making it the blast it is year after year. And thank you to my back, which somehow didn't break after all that shoveling. Here's a few pics.

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