The brink gallery here in Missoula is having a juried show which can only be described as ... well ... a pretty effin awesome idea. It's called "Atari Aesthetic." Here's the scoop (from the brink's site): "Artists are encouraged to incorporate and explore the cultural phenomenon of Atari, either conceptually, or technically, or both." I can happily say that I finished editing and enhancing my photograph last week and got 'er all submitted. The whole effort took a few doses of creative muscle, some midnight oil, time in the garage studio, some willing subjects and good 'ol fashion Rainier ... you know ... to grease the wheels a bit. And I gotta say, i am pretty damn proud of the finished result. In my mind, the whole effort seems to be a bit of a departure from what I usually do with a camera, but I think that might also be why I got so into it. It's been a long time since I have dove head first into spending that much time in Photoshop working on a single image, but I enjoyed the process from start to finish.

Yeah, yeah I know... you want me to stop the rambling and show you the image already.  Sorry. That aint gonna happen yet. The image is in the hands of the juror, Jen Erickson at the moment. I will find out by December 31 as to whether my piece got accepted or not. I think it's best to let the process run it's course, so i probably won't be sharing it until the time is right.

Anyhow, I am totally looking forward to the show, whether I am in it or not.