Spent a few hours last night assembling some photos for the upcoming show. With some much needed help from my sis, we made a huge dent in getting things pulled together. It's fun and  interesting - and overwhelming - to see the finished photos starting to stack up. This is my first attempt at having a show, and I certainly think I dove in head first. While I am having all sorts of thoughts that range from "Why the *&%$ am I doing this?" to "I'm not good enough" to "This is gonna be awesome," I am getting a lot out of the process. From a photography standpoint, it will be good to have gone through the experience - from thinking of the idea, to shooting the images over the course of three years, to showing them off.  From the skatepark standpoint, if the show adds another voice to the overall conversation of skateboarding in Montana, i'll be a happy camper.

So really, once they are all hanging in the gallery I think it will be a success.