Some prefer Facebook or even an actual book, but for me procrastination usually comes in the form of looking through old images in Lightroom. Tonight, while not doing what I intended on doing, I found this gem. For a while after I got out of school, some friends and I lived in an apartment in Bend, OR. It was located behind the Circle K, which proved convenient for our beer and fine-dining requirements. For the under-21 crowd that lived a few doors down, they loved living there because the Big K always had enough cough syrup to get them where they wanted to be. Rough stuff.

This image was taken on an average night in the apartment. Just some dudes hangin' out playin' with an old slide projector that I carted with me in my car.  In case you are wondering what that strip of stuff is hanging on the right side of the frame, it's film. You see, along with a slide projector, I also carted an enlarger with me to Oregon, along with the tanks, timers, lights, tongs, trays and other crap needed to run a darkroom. Never mind that it barely fit in the trunk of my car, was heavy, awkward and took a lot of work to set up, there was no question it was making the trip with me. While it didn't get used all that often, there were times - some damn amazing times in fact - when I set it all up and processed and printed my film. Whether the darkroom was in a college, a crummy bathroom in Oregon or a cold concrete basement in Montana, I am forever grateful for having darkroom experience.