Since it's somewhere near the midnight hour, and I have several hours in front of me on this here computer, I might as well take care of the fun stuff first. So, I am going to start with an announcement.  Here goes.  Internet, I am telling you (and maybe 3 other people who read this) my fun news for 2011: I am having a photo show.

Yup. That's right. One of those things where photographer guy (me) takes a bunch of photos, prints them, mounts them, and proceeds to show them off in a real live gallery setting. I know, people do this everyday, but for me this is a first. And I am excited. And I am nervous. And I am nervous again.

Here's the scoop. In September of 2011, MOBASH Skatepark will officially be 5 years old. For a couple of years now, I have been photographing people at the park. Friends, kids, strangers, anyone who was willing to stand in front of my camera. In looking at a handful of the images I realized that this is a golden opportunity not only for me personally, but for the Missoula community that helped in an overwhelming fashion to make sure MOBASH became a reality. I feel really lucky to be involved, and to be one of the many people who sweat to bring this gem to Missoula. To see it get used like it does every day, is really rewarding and eye opening. Both gratifying and humbling.  So, the goal of my show is to capture a slice of the personalities that call the skatepark their own. Because it is theirs. It is a free, public skatepark that a handful of dudes put effort into, but gets to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, now and most likely, forever.

The images aren't all created yet. Many will be shot between now and August 5, when the show opens. But many images have been created. Below is one of the images that will be included in the show, which I am calling "5" ... for the time being. I will be updating the blog as I see fit throughout the experience of putting this show together. I am looking forward to this process. And I am looking forward to sharing the evening of August 5 with you.