Bit of a late post here. I am playin' catch up on some photography-related things I have wanted to put "out there" as they say. I recently got the opportunity to work with The Montana Meth Project documenting the kick off to their 2010 Paint The State contest. Anyone in Montana with a pulse, at least half of one good eye or a television is undoubtedly aware of this anti-meth organization and their impactful ad campaigns. As with many people, I stood up and took notice when their TV ads and radio spots first came out. Gruesome, disgusting, true, real and apparently very productive. There have been some large double-digit declines in Meth use across MT due to their efforts.

Regardless of your opinion of the TV ads, billboards and radio time, you certainly can't deny the potential and power of strong imagery mixed with strong message. Serves as a good reminder that content is king.

Below are some images from the PTS kickoff.