As I am learning these days, there is a lot that goes in to planning a wedding. Even a simple, "low-stress", low budget, just-wanna-have-fun-with-friends wedding. Recently however, in the sea of never-ending little details and expensive stuff, I had a few moments of downright awesomeness. I decided to forego the traditional invites you see in every magazine and do something a bit out of the ordinary. Hence, our wedding invites were printed on wood. No...scratch that...they were SCREEN-PRINTED on wood...that I cut out and sanded BY HAND. Damn!

With the guidance and brilliance of Aaron and Christian down at Garage T's, we pumped out 100+ totally custom wedding invites over the course of several hours. Of course, Quiet Riot and Coors helped out a bit too.

We haven't given out all the invites yet, so I can't reveal the finished version here, but this will give you all a darn good idea.