Last year about this time, I struck up a little photo project centered around a nonprofit organization I helped create and am still heavily involved with - The Montana Skatepark Association (MSA). Way back in the day (meaning like 8 or 10 years ago) a few friends and I sat down with the Missoula Parks and Rec folks to talk about how to go about building a public skatepark in Missoula. Eventually, it happened and on opening day in September 2006 the park was ushered in with a visit from Tony Hawk and about 10,000 fans. 'Twas quite the sight. Lot of heavy liftin' to get to that stage, but an invaluable experience for me. Learned a lot about process, working with people, sacrificing this for that, and a whole bunch about the DIY spirit. Definitely a momentous period in my life.

One of the primary fundraisers we concocted for the MSA is an art auction we call ON DECK. On May 7, 2010 at the Badlander in Missoula, ON DECK will turn 5 years old. That means that another crop of talented artists from around the country will have donated their time and talent to help us raise money to further skateboarding in MT. I started photographing these artists a couple years ago and am enjoying it thoroughly. So far this year, I have only snuck in one shoot with local artist Courtney Blazon. Her work has a very unique, almost dreamlike style to it. And, she couldn't be a nicer person to hang out with and photograph. Here are a couple of images from a shoot I had with her and the deck she created for ON DECK 5. I encourage you to check out her work and bid on this deck during the ON DECK auction.

Courtney Blazon