Happy Friday. This one is shaping up to be a good one, and its looking like it will continue on throughout the weekend. Full of film, photography and even some good old fashion work - the manual labor kind, not the stare-at-a-screen kind. (Cause if I'm gonna have a sore back, it might as well be from doing something other than sittin.') Anyhow, i thought i'd share this video today. Found it on David Marx's site,

Yet another interesting display here on how the world of magazines is changing. Very interesting to see where it is all heading. And while it is obviously cool checking out all the bells and whistles offered, I was reassured that even though the method of reading/watching/tickling your fingers through a publication are changing, it only solidifies the importance and need for strong photography and good writing. Smart, creative human beings can breathe a sigh of relief.

In other, somewhat-related news, I went and saw Doug Pray's documentary Art & Copy last night at the Wilma Theater. The film was just one of 136 films being shown during this year's BIG SKY DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL. The festival is quickly rising to the top of my Reasons I Live In Missoula List. Hell of an effort pulling this altogether. Great results year after year.

I thought the film was a fantastic commentary on the double-edged sword that is the world of advertising. In the Q & A afterwards, I especially liked how Mr. Pray likened advertising to the counter-culture world he has portrayed in some of his other films like Surfwise, Hype!, and Scratch. Here's a trailer for Art & Copy: