Totally ENGAGED.

On our walk home on Friday night, Erin and I randomly started talking about "it." The "M" word. Rather assertively, she mentioned that if I ever popped the question in a crowd of people, she would kill me. My only response, "what if there is one other person there?" went basically unnoticed. Little did she know that less than 24 hours later, that one other person would be a helicopter pilot. Saturday at 4 pm, while flying above a herd of elk in the Rattlesnake, I popped the question.


I think that hand sign is helicopter sign language for "yes!" It's gotta be....right? 20091205_Proposal_3206

Lots of elk. I know, I know... It's kind of like watching the Planet Earth series, huh? 20091205_Proposal_3213

Not sure who these awkward middle schoolers are. They look friendly though. 20091205_Proposal_3219