MAGAZINES. Good news and bad.

As a lover of all things magazine (except the reader subscription cards. those kill me), i feel a bit compelled to comment on some happenings in the last 24 hours of the magazine world. First the good news. I bought the new issue of Outside last night because it is a photo issue. The whole thing looks really interesting and I will probably keep it on the shelf for a while after I am done reading it 5 times. I read Rob Haggart's article on Photo Fakery right off the bat. Really interesting perspectives from some of the photogs he quoted in there. Such a stark contrast on the subject of digital retouching or altering, as compared to the recent lecturers I have seen in conjunction with the Pullitzer Prize exhibition that is in town. Can't wait to dig into the rest of the magazine.

The bad news.  Just read that Conde is dropping the axe on 4 magazines today. Cookie, Modern Bride, Gourmet and Elegant Bride are going the way of the dinosaur. I'd be more bummed if it were actually a magazine I actually read...ever...but it still is kind of a bummer. It's completely possible that my favs could be taken out behind the barn at any minute.  Interesting times for the newspaper/magazine world...and the print world in general.