Apparently it's wedding season. I attended 3 of the things in an 8-day span and have 3 more to go this summer, 1 of which I am shooting. Last weekend the wedding was in Joliet, Montana and was pretty much perfect. Some highlights from the trip include:

Bitchin' sunsets
Espresso vodka.
Seeing moose, elk, bison, big horn sheep and a parrot (seriously) in Yellowstone Park.
Driving the Beartooth Pass.
Starry nights.
Watching lightning.
Experiencing the Charles Ringer gallery. Damn!

Here are a few shots from the weekend:

lots of old cars

some old jars.

and some of this

Chuck Ringer is a metal artist and one helluva creative mind. Gems like this are
all over his property.

Accommodations were great and offered nice views. I stayed in an old Traveleze trailer, but this teepee was another was a school bus, an old airstream trailer and a refurbished cabin.