That's right. That's the theme of the day...or week I guess. It all started toward the end of last week when the forecasts started becoming big news. Depending on where you were looking, the temperature was expected to hit -14 or -19 or -10 and everywhere in between. Of course once you throw the wind chill in there, those numbers became -20, -30 and I think I even read a -40 somewhere. And wouldn't you know, this was the weekend when a bunch of buddies and I had reserved a yurt in the Swan Mountains - as we do every year - to go do some backcountry snowboarding, rally around on the snowmobiles and complain about the cold despite holding cold beers. In hindsight, it's rather silly how much we wrestled with the decision to call it off. Glad we all came to our senses and agreed that spending a night in an uninsulated yurt with a tiny stove in -40 degree weather was a bad idea. As soon as I learned that Syd's dad (who has summitted Everest at least once) said he wouldn't even go, I got on the couch, turned on the fireplace and got under a blanket with a huge, warm smile.