Obama. Damn straight.

So far today, I have been blowin' off work to check every single Web site that exists in order to see how people around the country and the world celebrated Obama's win. I just can't get enough of looking at all the photos. And despite all the bells and whistles digital cameras have these days, I love looking at all the images created with cell phones and point and shoots. So real.

i found this image from a link on draplindustries.com. Loved the shot. Loved it even more when i read the caption saying it was taken right here in Missoula, MT (photo: Callie Shell). I was lucky enough to see Obama's speech in Missoula that day. Woke up early, waited in line, and enjoyed every single second of the experience.

It was taken in a gym in the Adams Center - the same place I got to photograph Bill Clinton when he was making the rounds for Hillary.

here are a few shots that caught my eye this morning:

photo: www.scouttufankjian.com